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“After the revolution, you will end up in the gulag!” “Eeeh, in fact, it’s clear from the minutes of the 23rd session of the 2nd Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party that Lenin agrees with Axelrod.” 🙃 “Shouting at protests is problematic.” 💅 If sentences like these are familiar to you, read carefully.

What do these three sentences have in common? None of them are part of the vocabulary of a serious effort to move society closer to overcoming capitalism. Of course, it is not forbidden to joke about a post-revolutionary society. It is not wrong to analyse the past, especially if we can learn from it. Finally, it is right to question norms and think about alternatives. However, as long as you confine yourself to the online space, as long as the pinnacle of your organizing takes the form of a groupchat, then even Soviet nostalgists are doing more to overcome capitalism.

In fact, it’s not enough just to have a membership in an anti-capitalist organisation. That’s the minimum requirement if you’re serious about socialism. If you don’t participate out of your own convenience, no matter how you interpret it, you don’t take part in your organization’s offline activities and you can’t force yourself to educate yourself in socialist theory, then it’s the same as not being a member at all.

Joking or arguing online can give us a sense of accomplishment, it can help us unwind or feel important. Well, socialism isn’t about feelings, it’s about action. Such online “activism” is the left’s version of self-help: revolutionary content is reduced to a form that is filled in by individualism. And what is individual is sterile. Although the online left might look radical, it will always be incapable of achieving anything tangible and lasting. Much like punk. Or activism.

Lenin stressed the need for a democratic yet centralized organization. Why? Because without it, an offensive cannot be effectively organized. Without it, we’ll be running in circles and groping aimlessly.

Lenin stressed the need for iron discipline. Why? Because our adversary is disciplined. We don’t pose a threat without discipline.

Only if you can bite the bullet and dedicate your spare time to the needs of your organization proactively, the movement can grow and move closer to our goal.

If you’re not already in the Leftist Youth Front of Slovakia, join us! If you are already with us, remember that we are a vanguard. You are at the front of the socialist youth movement of the world.

Don’t be isolated!

Don’t wait for saviours!

Be an active part of the movement!



Sely Papan, LYFS West

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