Cuba knows what democracy is, you do not

Cuba has been facing American repression for decades in the form of an economic embargo, which seeks to bring the system of serving the people to an end. The so-called “protectors of democracy” from the USA sealed this with the listing of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. What is our message for Cuba?

FĽM has long been pointing to the injustice that is being committed against a fully sovereign state. Despite regularly issued UN resolutions against which only the US and Israel vote, the Republic of Cuba remains without systematic assistance and support. We also express our disapproval at the international level, and the proof of our determination is the resumption of cooperation with the Cuban Embassy in Bratislava.

We recently received a statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy, which we present to you below.

Statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

According to official US media reports, on May 15, the Secretary of State submitted to Congress another of the arbitration reports that assessed countries without any international mandate or recognition. This time, he listed four countries that allegedly “did not fully cooperate with United States counterterrorism efforts for the calendar year 2023.” Unlike what has happened in recent years, the list does not pejoratively include Cuba among those countries.

Yet the State Department keeps Cuba on a list of states that allegedly “sponsor” terrorism. This is nothing other than a completely one-sided, unfounded list whose sole purpose is to denigrate sovereign states and to serve as a pretext for imposing coercive economic sanctions on these states, such as those that have been ruthlessly imposed on Cuba.

The demand for the United States government to put an end to this injustice continues to be made strongly and repeatedly, not only by the Cuban people and many governments, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also by political, social, and religious organisations in the United States itself and by a number of American politicians.

The clear and absolute truth is that Cuba does not sponsor terrorism but is a victim of it, including state terrorism. This can be confirmed by anyone who is interested in the subject, and the United States Government, its State Department, intelligence services, and law enforcement agencies know this very well. They are also fully aware of how significantly damaging the sanctions and measures are to the Cuban economy and how intimidating they are to any state that is included on such a list, no matter what the truth is.

It is not enough to recognise that Cuba is fully cooperating with the United States. Cuba is also cooperating with the entire international community. This is a well-known fact, and public opinion should not be misled in this regard. The President of the United States has every privilege to act with integrity and to do what is right.

Havana, May 15, 2024

Do not envy the social state. Build your own!

In response to the letter, we want to reiterate our full support for the Republic of Cuba. Our association categorically rejects US steps towards the destruction of the sovereignty of other countries. We are of the opinion that no imperial country has the right to arbitrarily designate other states as terrorists or terrorist supporters. This sentiment is all the more true in the context of the historical blockade and repeated efforts to undemocratic and illegal state coups against the Republic of Cuba.

We are committed to full synergy in any activity that will aim to help the Republic of Cuba achieve the justice that has been owed to it by the international community for decades. And we invite you to support this. Talk about how seriously basic democratic (and human) values are being threatened, spread awareness personally and through social networks, and take part in our demonstrations in which we clearly say: Cuba Si, Yankee No!

The Presidency of FĽM

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