We are an organisation of young people who are a part of the radical left.

We perceive the shortcomings of capitalism and feel its negative effects on the whole of society! We see that today’s world is built on consumerism, the pursuit of profit, exploitation and injustice. Fascism is growing again in Europe, militarization is growing and we, the members of the LYF, want to change this!

The LYF subscribes to the legacy of the progressive youth associations that were active on the territory of Czecho-Slovakia and Slovakia.

Our goal is to build a socially just society based on the principles of humanism, anti-fascism, freedom, equality, justice and peaceful cooperation between peoples, while remembering and developing our national values and the consciousness of past generations, which inspire and enrich us with the ideas that fighting for a better world has purpose.

Our main activities include fighting for the rights of young people, promoting left-wing and anti-fascist ideas, but also engaging in youth and school self-government structures (student parliaments, academic senates, youth parliaments), organising cultural, awareness-raising and sports activities, and leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment.

If you agree with what is written here, do not think twice and join us!

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